Please search for your demo name to find your table assignment. The Demo Expo will be held at NYU Kimmel Center in the Rosenthal Pavilion. Rosenthal is located on the 10th floor of NYU Kimmel Center (60 Washington Square S, New York, NY 10012).

agenda for thursday, NOVEMBER 29th

9:00AM: Check in at NYU Kimmel Center 1st floor lobby. You will look for the Demo Expo registration table. There, you will receive your name badge and be directed up the elevator to the 10th floor Rosenthal Pavilion.

9:00AM: Set up begins in Rosenthal Pavilion.

11:00-11:30AM: Lunch will arrive and be set up. Lunch will be served in the atrium next to the elevators on the 10th floor. Please do not bring food or beverages into the Rosenthal Pavilion.

12:00PM-12:30PM: Lunch will be broken down. Remember to take a break!

1:00PM: Doors Open! All demos must be set up.

1:00PM-6:00PM: Guests will move in and out of Rosenthal Pavilion to browse the demos on view. High traffic times will be between 1PM-2PM and 4:30PM-6PM. 

6:00PM: Event ends/doors close. 


What should I expect for space and power?
You should expect to be assigned a 6-foot table. There will be a power strip at every table. Please browse the floor plan below for more specific details about the space assigned to you. 

What is the WIFI?
The wifi is: nyuguest. The password will be made available to you on the morning of the event. Look for the wifi signs with the password in the Rosenthal Pavilion.

What is the event like? ExFR'18 is a very public event! Be ready to be photographed, video recorded, tweeted, and publicized. There will be press, interviews, and corporates visiting your tables! Talk to them. Document yourself with the #ExFR18 hashtag. 

Can I register a team member or classmate to help out on the day? Yes you can! Please register them with the code DEMO at the Eventbrite page here and remember to write in the name of your demo on the check-out form. 




01 REACH WebVR Platform

02 Columbus the Hero?

03A Reimagining Data Visualization

03B liveworks

04 India's Stuntwomen


07 Healing Destinations

08 Mixed Reality Engineering Lab

09 Medivis

10 Geometric

11 Craft

12 Finist Painter: Looking Glass Edition

13 Impromptu Jam

14 Looking Glass Factory

15 3D object recognition using computer vision

16 disruptED Books!

17 Telling Local Stories in 360

18 Queerskins: a love story

19 Multiple Virtual Experiences in Reality: ARkit & VR toward Mix Reality and 6 DOF Mobile VR

20 ANNY Exchange

21 Multiplayer AR for Traditional Board Games

22A Interactive Learning Of Forward And Inverse Kinematics Using VR

22B Cerebral

23A AR for Human-Robot Interaction

23B Kabaq 3D Food


24B Unseen Media

25 IslandAR

26A Artificial Digitlaity

26B Friends with Holograms

27 Speak It Yourself

28 Prelude

29 ToonPack

30 Jump into the Light

31A Graceful Ray


32A EchoAR

32B Lucidia

33A Spark


34 Korean Delegation 1

35 Korean Delegation 2

36 Korean Delegation 3


Note: HTC Vive experiences will be separated by black drapes to create a single booth. The drapes will be doubled up to prevent any interference with sensors. The drapes will extended upwards to 10x12 feet high. The booth areas are 10x10 feet in total. Inside the booth, there will be a long, thin table to place equipment and other materials. These tables will be approximately 6ft long x 18 inches wide.

HTC1 Tales of the Aswang

HTC2 GeoCV Virtual Open House

HTC3 Gatorade 'Beat the Blitz'

HTC4 Street Smarts VR

HTC5 Skyscraper VR


HTC7 Low-Latency Remote Collaborative VR for Rehabilitation