The Demo Expo at Exploring Future Reality will bring over 30 projects to NYU Kimmel Center’s Rosenthal Pavilion. Demos were selected from NYC Media Lab’s network of media and technology companies, universities and startups. Attendees can expect to see prototypes that range from room scale VR experiences to voice technologies and neural computing. Startups will share concepts across diverse verticals, including media, technology, healthcare, sports and more.

Demos will be on view in the afternoon session from 1PM-6PM.


REACH WebVR Platform
Emblematic Group

REACH is a web-based platform for creating and sharing volumetric VR using real people and places.

CUNY Lehman College

A new way to explore and learn about Governors Island using a mobile application and mysterious puzzle pieces to unlock shared AR experiences, hidden characters and fun stories from past and present.

Looking Glass Factory will be showcasing the Looking Glass, a universal holographic display geared towards 3D creators.

GeoCV Virtual Open House
GeoCV revolutionizes how spaces are captured in 3D+360°.

India's Stuntwomen

Through virtual reality, follow the stories of Anam and Geeta, two young women who will take you on a ride in the adventurous world of Bollywood's stunt artists. Until early 2000, men dressed up as women to perform stunts in India. Today, only 8 out of roughly 700 stunt artists in Bollywood are women. Geeta and Anam will show you what it takes to be one of them.

Composure Inc.

"Prelude' by Composure is the world's first WebXR experience focused on spatial and interactive music and sound designed to reduce stress and increase wellbeing.

Kabaq 3D Food
Kabaq enables users to see virtual 3D food on their table in-restaurant and when ordering online. 

Gatorade 'Beat the Blitz'
The Mill

An interactive virtual reality football game developed for Gatorade, teaching athletes about the dangers of dehydration.

Finist Painter: Looking Glass Edition
NYU Game Center

An artistic framework that allows two users to collaborate using VR and holographic display at the same time.

Street Smarts VR
Creates immersive virtual reality simulations for reality-based training of law enforcement and public safety personnel.

AR for Human-Robot Interaction
NYU Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
An augmented reality mobile application to interact with a tabletop robot manipulator for object manipulation.

Queerskins: a love story
Combining cutting edge tech (Depthkit 3D volumetric video, 360˚ video, and photogrammetry/3D modeling, 3D scanning, haptics) with lyrical and emotionally charged writing to tell the story of a young gay physician from Catholic Missouri family who dies of AIDS in 1990.

Jump into the Light
Karaoke on the go with Karaoke-AR.

Interactive Learning Of Forward And Inverse Kinematics Using VR
NYU Tandon School of Engineering

The development of a VR application interact with, and control a five bar underactuated planar robot.


From Oscar winner Ken Perlin and director Kris Layng comes a new story about destiny and family. In this VR experience, journey back 12,000 years when stories were told around a campfire. CAVE is a coming-of-age story told through the latest in experiential technology, featuring a collocated VR experience for an unprecedented 30 viewers at a time.

Unseen Media
Unseen is producing an AR-enabled mystery game experience based on the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

3D object recognition using computer vision
NYU Tandon School of Engineering

The project demonstrates how surface features of different 3D objects can be used to recognize them using a mobile device and provide contextual information. This information can also be shared with other mobile devices in real-time.

disruptED Books!
disruptED brings learning to life by combining AR + VR experiences into one mobile platform to show how deeper education can take place in an immersive environment using emerging technology.

Telling Local Stories in 360
CUNY Newmark Graduate School of Journalism

Experience immersive local news stories created by small journalism organizations in collaboration with graduate students. Also, take a look at our new Intro to 360 Journalism guide.

Impromptu Jam
NYU Game Center

Impromptu Jam is a multi-user, augmented reality, audio-visual jam session.

Multiple Virtual Experiences in Reality: ARkit & VR toward Mix Reality and 6 DOF Mobile VR
Pratt Institute

We apply ARKit & Cardboard VR for users to experience the pavilion in 3 different ways to incorporate human interaction.

Mixed Reality Engineering Lab
NYU Tandon School of Engineering

This demonstration shows how augmented reality and physical circuits can substitute for a traditional engineering laboratory experience where the expensive test equipment is now replaced with holograms

Low-Latency Remote Collaborative VR for Rehabilitation
Columbia University Engineering 
Two attendees in VR collaboratively roll and bounce a virtual ball on a platform. Low-latency networking is crucial for effective collaboration in this scenario, which is applicable to remote therapist-patient interaction for motor rehabilitation.

Skyscraper VR

Experience Dwayne Johnson's death-defying leap from Skyscraper in VR, presented by RealD 3D and powered by HP.

Artificial Digitlaity
Parsons Design & Technology

An abstract music album, narrating how the world has been changing with the advent of Artificial Intelligence.

Columbus the Hero?

An AR installation that tells the true story of Christopher Columbus.

Reimagining Data Visualization
NYU Tandon School of Engineering IDM

We have become disconnected from data and forgotten its underlying humanity. I propose that by turning data into an experience – instead of something we view outside of ourselves – We can change Our relationship with, and understanding of, data.

Parsons Design & Technology

A playful attempt to enhance the experience of interfacing with a physical fortunetelling machine using technology such as Augmented Reality and the Internet of Things.


An easy-to-use, software as a service (SaaS) tool to build and share immersive 3D maps on the web and in virtual reality and mixed reality.

ToonPack is an AR messaging platform for communicating as expressive, 3D cartoon characters in video chat, animated karaoke or through your favorite messenger services.

Tales of the Aswang
Parsons Design & Technology

A VR Experience that welcomes you into the world of Southeast Asian Mythological creatures. The tales speak of timeless truths about societal fears & social issues we carry to the present day. Social such as climate change, immigration, equality are woven throughout the experience.

Healing Destinations
CUNY Lehman College

A large interactive public display (originally commissioned as an artwork by Montefiore Hospital in the Bronx, NYC) of planet earth that engages audiences through text input from their mobile devices.

Animation Nights New York
ANNY Exchange connects animation talent to XR projects.


Real-time conversations inside of Virtual Reality videos.

Multiplayer AR for Traditional Board Games

Transform any board game into a multiplayer, shared 3D experience that can be played with anybody in the world.

Medivis is a medical technology company leveraging augmented reality and artificial intelligence to transform medical and surgical visualization.

Indoor Buddy

Indoor Navigation system for libraries to locate books to their micro location using mobile interface

Craft is a multi-modal solution to enable people with limited limb mobility to create art in the virtual environment using eye movements and voice commands.

AR Legal Strategies

We build solutions for legal professionals in trial preparation and strategy with the secret sauce of virtual and augmented reality.

Speak It Yourself
Columbia University Business School

Speak it Yourself (SIY) uses interactive, immersive technology to teach anyone basic conversational skills of a foreign language in less than a week, we are the teleporters of the language learning world.

AvenueS presented by Accenture and Friends With Holograms
Human services workers make important decisions every day that have significant impacts on people’s lives. It is a responsibility that demands certain skills and experience in understanding human dynamics. That’s why Accenture teamed with Friends With Holograms to develop a virtual reality training experience, known as the Accenture Virtual Experience Solution (AVEnueS). This piece not only accelerates the pace of learning, but it also enhances the scope of awareness. AVEnueS speeds up this process, helping caseworkers refine their skills and become more alert and cognizant of the many signals and safety indicators they observe. It uses immersive storytelling and interactive voice-based scenarios to completely transform how caseworkers hone their data-gathering and decision-making skills. AVEnueS creates the foundation for a highly skilled workforce that can rapidly discuss the decision points all practiced caseworkers face.