The Great Synthetic Media Debate

There is a new type of media emerging at the intersection of computer generated images, video, and voice: 'synthetic media'. From animated celebrities like Lil Miquela to the more nefarious rise of Deepfakes, synthetic media creates new opportunities for creative expression. Butmany ethical challenges will be faced when industries begin to produce, distribute and monetize media products that distort reality with such ease.

The Great Synthetic Media Debate, coming to the NYCML'18 Mainstage, will grapple with these concepts while outlining the pros and cons of a machine-media landscape. 

In preparation, be sure to read John Borthwick's introductory piece on the topic, and Matt Hartman's assessment of what to expect in the near-term.

Participating speakers: Matthew Hartman, betaworks; Karen Kornbluh, Council on Foreign Relations; Eli Pariser, Omidyar Fellow, New America Foundation; Ken Perlin, NYU Future Reality Lab.