Startup Pitches on the Mainstage

Entrepreneurs from NYC Media Lab’s XR Startup Bootcamp will deliver their pitch. The startup founders featured in this session were selected from NYC Media Lab’s consortium of universities, and will be sharing their concepts for the first time widely to the public. For the past several months, these teams have been immersed in an intensive market validation and customer discovery program, where they’ve practiced and refined their concepts across a range of industry verticals.

These teams are the first cohort to graduate from RLab, the first city-funded virtual and augmented reality center in the country, located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

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ARC (Augmented Reality Cargo)
Herbert Ramirez, Alyssa Joines, Harry Slotwiner Parsons School of Design
ARC empowers logistic professionals and handlers with augmented training tools using XR technology to increase the proficiency, safety, and transportation of cargo.

Alon Grinshpoon, Koren Grinshpoon, Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science and Columbia Law School
Cloud platform for augmented reality apps providing tools and server-side infrastructure that help companies build better AR apps and grow successful businesses.

Richard Lapham and Oriana Neidecker, NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program
Providing the tools to create, publish, and share virtual exhibitions, with no coding required.

Zhi Hao Chung (Joe), Yang Shi, Teachers College, Columbia University and Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs
An augmented reality, voice technology and tangible platform for STEAM subjects, that helps 9-13 year olds learn abstract concepts.

Michael Brenner and Aaron Holness, CUNY Lehman College VR/AR Training Academy and Development Lab
Building solutions for legal professionals in trial preparation and strategy, using virtual and augmented reality.

Graceful Ray
Vladlena Powers, Nicholas Powers, and Kumar Goutam, Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science
Graceful Ray enables companies to bring the real world to virtual by creating photorealistic 3D content of any object or scene regardless of shape and material.

Unseen Media
Acacia (Casey) Judge, Alexandros Lotsos, Gabriella Cammarata, and Brian Hui, NYU Tandon School of Engineering
Unseen Media is adding value to the AR gaming experience through the addition of constant physical content.

Martin Orr, Maddie Grabowksi, Nour Saber, Madhurya Bukenakere Udaya Kumar, and Mark Parsons, Pratt Institute
AIR|VR is developing a customizable software package that will allow for the activation of industrial robotics through the use of virtual reality. Robotics that coexist with trained personnel to complete dextrous and variable tasks.

Cherisha Agarwal, Raksha Ravimohan, Pratik Jain, Shimin Gu, and Srishti Kush, NYU Tandon School of Engineering
Craft is a multi-modal solution to enable people with limited limb mobility to create art in the virtual environment using eye movements and voice commands.

Sebastian Herscher, Kristopher Layng, Gabe Zetter, and Ken Perlin, NYU Future Reality Lab
Parallux delivers world class immersive entertainment to audiences of all sizes.